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The L1 Visa

The L1 visa permits nationals from other countries to be transferred by their employers to enter into the United States so as to manage an organization, firm or to perform major function. L1 can also permit the holder to manage the start up of a new office or company.

Who Is Suitable for the Visa?

To qualify for the L1 Visa, a USA firm to which you are being transferred to should have a branch or affiliate with your non U.S. employer. Another thing, employment in the U.S. firm should be of the same or higher rank such as managerial duty. You also need to prove your skills and knowledge for a specific job.

Requirements of L1 Visa

  • The foreign company that you work with should have a relationship with the U.S
  • The foreign company and the USA Company should be active and viable the entire time of your employment in the U.S
  • You should have been employed overseas by the organization transferring you for more than one year within the past three years and be ready to perform duties in the U.S for the same employer.

Type of People or Country that Gets the Visa

For one to qualify for L1 visa, they must be working with an organization in their country that has a branch in the U.S. The organization in the U.S. should have confirmed your transfer and waiting to have you on board.

Benefits of Getting the L1 Visa

Once you have the L1 visa, you can legitimately live in the United States as well as seek permanent residency. It also becomes easy to freely travel in and out of the U.S. with an L1 visa. As an L1 visa holder, you can bring your family members along to live with you in the United States. Another benefit is that your spouse can apply for a work permit to find employment and your children can also go to school.

Applying for the Visa

Following the L1 Petition, a person who is abroad will need to apply for the L1 Visa

  • You need DOS Form DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application.
  • A copy of your passport that is valid for at least six months with a least one blank page for the period of residence in The U.S.
  • You also need to submit two similar color photographs that show your full face without any covering. You can still wear a headdress if required by religion.
  • Submit your detailed resume.
  • Show proof that you have been employed as an executive by the organization for more than one year.

Once your company has confirmed your transfer to the U.S. office, it is important for the company to start processing your application for the L1 visa. The L1 visa enables you to work in the United States legally and at the same time enjoy the benefits.

It would be advantageous for You and your company to seek the assistance of a US Immigration Attorney to avoid a refusal or denial.

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I am so grateful for Larhdel Law in helping me and my husband with our immigration case. They were always professional and prompt in their responses. Their knowledge and expertise in US/UK immigration law is exceptional. I would definitely recommend.
Lena Martinez
Lena Martinez
Being Old School, when it comes to doing business with someone I like to look them in the eye and seal the deal with a handshake, so doing an immigration process online was a complete anathema to me, but everything worked out fine with a positive result. Lara Akinlude provided all the information required in an efficient and timely manner and was always available to answer any questions that we had. The immigration information supplied was clear and concise with a detailed timescale to keep the ball rolling. Ultimately, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so my wife and I are extremely pleased and grateful for the service provided by Lara and would not hesitate to recommend Larhdel Law in future.
Ray Scopes
Ray Scopes
Real name obscured for privacy: Lara and Co. were very helpful in navigating our family move to the UK. It was a complicated time due to UK Gov being stressed by the Ukrainian refugee crisis however she kept advocating for us until the Visas were granted. Also we paid an expedite fee, and as service levels weren’t met (by Immigration Dept) Lara also successfully petitioned for a rebate of all expedite fee! A good experience therefore.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough
Working with Lara Akinlude was a phenomenal experience from start to finish. She did an excellent job with my application and her correspondence was top notch! If you're researching the best immigration services for the UK, you've found it!
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad
Ms. Lara Akinlude helped me a lot in obtaining a settlement visa in the UK. Given the complicated nature of my case, she managed to made the process go smoothly from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with all the small details so you do it correctly the first time. She will guide you in every step making sure everything is good to go before she even submit the application. I have nothing but great experience with Ms. Akinlude. I highly recommend her services for all your UK visa needs.
CJ Masicat
CJ Masicat
Lara Akinlude made the process of obtaining my UK citizenship really easy and straightforward. Her knowledge of the entire UK application and citizenship process is outstanding, which helped to ease my stress. I highly recommend.
Catherine Fendall
Catherine Fendall
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