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L1 Visas

The L Visas are granted for a temporary transfer of overseas workers to the United States. To qualify for the L Visas, the employees must be in the executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge classification. In addition, the employees’ transfer to their US-based parent, affiliate, subsidiary, or branch office should primarily be to continue the discharge of their employment obligations in the same company in the United States.

The categories of L Visas are the L1 ( L1a and L1b Visas) and L2 Visa for dependents. The L2 Visas are granted based on existing or valid L1 Visas issued to the spouses or parents of the L2 Visa applicants.

Classifications of L Visas

L1 Visas

L1 Visas are visas granted to facilitate the transfer of workers or employees of a foreign company or organization to an American-based branch, affiliate, subsidiary, or parent company. The L1 Visas are further classified into the L1a and L1b Visas.

a. L1a Visas

L1a Visas are granted to executives and managers who are being transferred to the U.S. office to continue their official duties or for setting up a U.S. office.

b. L1b Visas

L1b Visas are mainly for the transfer of employees considered to have specialized knowledge or skills to a U.S. office. The specialized knowledge or skills include the knowledge of the proprietary techniques, procedures, systems, research, or management that relate to the existence or smooth running of the company’s business

However, some requirements must be convincingly satisfied or met by the employer and the employees being transferred to the United States. These requirements are discussed in detail under each heading.

L2 Visas

Holders of L1 Visas can apply for L2 Visas for their spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age. L2 Visas are dependent Visas with its duration based on the period of the L1 Visa holder. The L2 Visas holders have the freedom to travel in and out of the United States as long as their L2 Visa status and stamp remain valid.


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